EdCast Launches an Innovative Social Learning Network


EdCast has re-oriented its strategy based on being solely an Open edX hosting provider toward becoming a billion-dollar social media learning platform for millions of users who aspire to engage in life-long learning while networking with peers. The first step in this new address is “EdCasting”, a Twitter-like platform that allows people to post video or link snippets of educational content. This initiative was announced a week ago. EdCast‘s new website reflects the new strategy.

“EdCasting” is meant to be an informal learning ecosystem, where users follow channels or people and groups, and educators can curate relevant content to their followers. So far there are 10 channels ranging from entrepreneurship, architecture, robotics, technology, and health, filled with insights from over 100 globally-renowned experts and influencers. This app is available on iTunes and Google Play. There is also a Chrome extension that allows people to do EdCasting from Google’s browser.

Karl Metha, Founder & CEO of EdCast, is merging in this project the power of Facebook’s and Twitter’s social networks with the allure of online courses, MOOCs and micro-MOOCs. The platform uses mostly Open edX technology.  “Just as podcasting and Tweeting made it easier to share general content, EdCasting empowers everyone to share their knowledge and help create the new culture of lifelong learning in this knowledge economy. With EdCasting, you are just a button push away from being connected to subject experts,” Karl Metha said.

An initial list of “EdCasters” include the following people:

• Dr. William J. Perry (page), former U.S. Secretary of Defense and head of the Dr. William J. Perry Project, providing public education on the danger of nuclear weapons

• Mitch Kapor (page), founder of venture capital firm Kapor Capital

• Prof. Jeffrey Sachs (page), director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University

• John Seely Brown (page), former Chief Scientist and Director of Xerox PARC

• Vivek Wadwha (page), of Singularity University

• Joi Ito (page), Director of MIT Media Lab Entrepreneurship

• Mark Surman (page), of the Mozilla Foundation

• TJ Bliss (page), of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

• Karl Mehta (page), the outspoken founder of EdCast and nonprofit Code for India