December 2018

DEC 1-5, Dallas, TX
Learning Forward 2018

DEC 1, Washington DC
Jupyter Tutorial for Faculty (at The George Washington University)

DEC 1, New York, NY
Blockchain Training for Beginners

DEC 5-7, Washington, D.C.
2018 National Summit on Education Reform

DEC 5-7, Berlin, Germany
OEB – Shaping the future of learning

DEC 6, New York, NY
Tech Duels | Public vs. Private Blockchain Debate

DEC 6, New York, NY
The Real Estate Deal: Blockchain

DEC 8, New York, NY
Public & Private Blockchains for Business Ethereum Vs. Hyperledger Fabric

DEC 9, New York, NY
The Business of Blockchains

DEC 9-11, San Francisco, California
World Digital Assets Summit 2 (WDAS)

DEC 10, Hong Kong
Yidan Prize Summit

DEC 10, New York, NY
The Blockchain Masterclass + Certificate

DEC 12, New York, NY
Blockchain Security @ Empire Hacking

DEC 12-15, Basel, Switzerland
Hyperledger Global Forum

DEC 13, New York, NY
Founding principles for Blockchain companies

DEC 14, Morristown, NJ
Blockchain 101: An Overview for Marketers

DEC 18, New York, NY
Holiday Networking Mixer @ the Edtech Factory

DEC 19, New York, NY
Understanding Blockchain Smart Contracts

DEC 20, New York, NY
Blockchain 101 – Build your own blockchain with Solidity

DEC 28, New York, NY
Bitcoin / Altcoins & Cryptocurrency Enthusiast Night