The Creator of Open edX Leaves the edX Organization and Starts a New Platform

Piotr Mitros, the father of the Open edX platform, is now working on a new MOOC platform.

He left the edX organization six months ago, although the departure was not announced.

Mr. Mitros is an innovator and expert in the field of education who occupied the Chief Scientist position at

Co-founder of three organizations, free software author and frequent keynote speaker and consultant on education, he is the author of three edX courses on Circuits and Electronics.

As a research scientist at MIT, he has been finding ways to apply techniques to optimize the learning process.

As he explains on its personal website, he is “best known as the creator of Open edX”, an educational platform which has over 20 million learners.

[Piot Mitros, on the right in the picture below]