Coursera Translated 4,200 Courses Into 17 Languages with AI

IBL News | New York

Coursera, with over 129 million registered learners, has translated 4,200 courses into 17 languages with Generative AI, the company’s CEO, Jeff Maggioncalda, said to Forbes.

Coursera has also deployed a personalized tutor chatbot named ‘Coach.’ Students can summarize learning activities, ask for help on a concept, or create practice problems.

Coach emphasizes learning, but it doesn’t give users the answer, especially during end-of-lesson quizzes.

Separately, the company is utilizing AI to help its 300+ university and industry partners build courses and develop content. The tool allows to generate outlines, write learning objectives, and compile lessons into new courses.

Maggioncalda says that the company is aiming into an era of having the most adaptive, personalized, and effective learning experience that a student can have.