A Course from Penn to Discuss Top Social Issues Facing President Trump

Believe or not, Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the United States, and its 100 days in office will sample what we can expect for the full term.

The University of Pennsylvania has launch a free, open course to discuss the top 10 social issues during the President’s first 100 days. These ideas range from ending homelessness to transforming “work” to addressing child poverty.  “Your participation in a national conversation will be what turns good policy into impactful practice,” has explained John L. Jackson, Dean of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice.

The course, titled “Top 10 Social Issues for the President’s First 100 Days”, started on January 20 and runs through May 1. “Along the way, we will continually update the materials and make sure you know, in real time, what is unfolding on the national level on the issues presented here.  We will post pertinent articles and thoughtful commentaries, and we hope you get involved.”