Cornell Launches an Certificate Program and Clones a Faculty Member

IBL News | New York

Cornell University launched an innovative online certificate program, Designing and Building AI Solutions, authored by Cornell Senior Visiting Lecturer Lutz Finger, who generated an AI clone of himself to update the courses with new content continuously.

Lutz Finger explained that his AI clone is supercharging him to enhance his teaching capabilities.

“In the courses, I use him as a case study to identify all of the product, business, and design decisions that need to be considered,” he said.

This certificate program from the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business also includes an AI-powered co-pilot, available 24/7, that provides coding assistance to help non-technical professionals build products.

Available through eCornell, the program provides a hands-on deep dive into prompt engineering and machine learning applications and data handling, ethics, and compliance.

Five online courses take learners on a virtual journey to multiple locations worldwide to examine real-life applications for AI products across industries. Finger’s style of integrated lectures provides edutainment as he visits ski slopes, cow pastures, airport terminals, and more.

“I designed this program to be entertaining while also breaking new ground by weaving the AI tools we are learning about into every facet of the program—from actual course delivery to hands-on practice,” said Finger.

The program is designed for managers, leaders, innovators, and anyone interested in applying AI and automation in their industry. Participants will be placed in small, virtual classes with peers to maximize learning and support networking and collaboration.