“Chatbots are a terrible interface for LLMs,” Expert Designers Say

IBL News | New York

Chatbot interfaces look the same as a Google search box, a login form, and a credit card field. “They are not the future; pretty soon, we’re going to get sick of typing all the time, static text is dead,” wrote design expert Amelia Wattenberger.

Dealing with text prompts, she suggested adding controls to better tailor the responses, as shown below.



• “Even if we’re determined to stick with a chat interface, we can make things easier for users. Recently, my team shipped a prototype named Copilot for Docs, exploring ways to make technical documentation easier for developers to use.” [See it below]

• “I believe the real game changers are going to have very little to do with plain content generation. Let’s build tools that offer suggestions to help us gain clarity in our thinking.”
• “Chatbots are a terrible interface for LLMs. Or, at the very least, we can add controls, information, and affordances to our chatbot interfaces to make them more usable. I can’t wait to see the field become more mature and for us to start building AI tools that embrace our human abilities.”


• GitHub: Awesome ChatGPT Prompts