CharterOak State Online College Offers a Pathway to Earn College Credit through edX's Courses


Another cost-effective option for students to earn affordable college credit on edX. This is the fourth initiative on university credit related to edX released this year, after the Global Freshman Academy with Arizona State University, MIT’s MicroMaster’s credential and ACE Alternative Credit Project. Currently, there are eight credit-eligible courses on

CharterOak State College, a Connecticut-based public online college offering bachelor’s and associate’s degree programs, will now award college credit for select edX courses –two of them for now:  MITx Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python and UC BerkeleyX Engineering Software as a Service (SaaS) Part 2. Additional courses will be included in the program in the coming weeks.

This credit will follow a “pay-when-you-pass model”. Students enroll in an edX course, successfully complete and pass the course (with an 80% grade of higher), and then decide to pay for Charter Oak credit ($100 per credit hour). This credit can be applied to credentials, continuing ed credits and completion of a college degree.

“EdX learners around the world will now be able to earn credit for their hard work and success in MOOCs, offering an opportunity to many learners who would otherwise never have access to high-quality education and credit,” explained Anant Agarwal, CEO at edX.

“A variety of edX partners are enthusiastic about working with us on innovative credit offerings. We look forward to announcing more credit opportunities and pathways for our learners in the coming months,” he added.