Changes on navigation, mobile and group content at the portal has merged the latest course updates, important course dates and the course outline into a one-stop Course page, which includes also bookmarks.

This change was performed on July 24, along with a new version, the 2.9.1, of the iOS and Android mobile app. This release contains an Important Dates section to help learners keep track of deadlines, as well as option to share courses on Facebook, Twitter and other networks.

In addition, the edX engineers have added a setting on the both the instructor dashboard and the Staff Debug viewer that allows course authors at to override learner scores for individual problems, in order to accommodate learners with special needs.

The most important change on the edX code –available on the master branch but not yet on the Open edX named versions– affects the possibility of creating different content for learners based not only on cohorts, but also on enrollment tracks, as long as the courses offer different enrollment options. The content will vary on the course, too.

Finally, learner grades are now included in weekly data packages. Additionally, there is a new “Passing Learners” column to the table on the Courses page in Insights Analytics.