Canva Will Provide Its AI-powered ‘Magic Studio’ to the Ten Campuses at UC For Free

IBL News | New York

The University of California (UC) announced it partnered with Canva to provide all ten campuses with its new AI-powered Magic Studio for free as part of its package of Canva for Campus.

In addition, Canva’s premium suite of visual communication and design tools will be free to students.

The Canva for Campus Visual Suite includes documents, websites, whiteboards, data visualization tools, and Magic Studio. The company said its visual safety tools suite, Canva Shield, addresses using AI responsibly and safely.

The rollout will be conducted in stages, starting in January 2024.

Canva said the partnership highlights its commitment to visual tools as a learning method. Citing its 2023 Visual Economy Report that showed 94% of business leaders across every profession expect employees to have visual design skills. The company said 50 million K–12 teachers and students worldwide use Canva to teach visual literacy.

“Our world today is a visual one. We communicate through presentations, reports, and social media,” said Van Williams, vice president of IT services at UC.