Over 30 Universities along with Brightest Minds in Higher Ed Participated in the Open edX Universities Symposium


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The Open edX Universities Symposium (Washington DC, Nov 10-11) attracted over 30 top universities along with some of the brightest minds in higher education in the U.S. such as John Mitchell, Dr. Chuck, Barbara Oakley, Isaac Chuang, Alfred Essa, Kenneth Koedinger, Linda Baer, Armando Fox, Carolyn Rosé, Phil Long, Lorena Barba and George Siemens.

Over 120 attendees learned, participated in the discussions and networked. It was a fabulous event, according to the participants.

Throughout the day, the idea that surfaced over and over again was: openness—open source, open data, open standards.

The research-based and future-looking program was in contrast to many other events like it which get carried away with MOOC enthusiasm.

The event, organized by the George Washington University with technical support from IBL Studios, was chaired (and mostly organized) by Prof. Lorena Barba.

Leaders for the following universities and organizations were present: GW, Davidson College, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, McGraw-Hill Education, University of Queensland, Stanford University, Loyola University, Dartmouth, American University, Civitas Learning, Columbia, Delf, MIT, IBL Open edX, University of Zurich, Wake Forest, University of Hong Kong, University of Texas at Austin, Penn State, Vanderbilt, Rey Juan Carlos, Carlos III de Madrid, National Science Foundation, Brown University of School of Professional Studies, University of Maryland, Colgate, Duke, Princeton, Oakland, Universidad de Alcala, University of Illinois, CUNY, Wharton School, Enthought, NVIDIA, Northwestern, Santa Clara, Georgia Institute of Technology, Inside Higher Ed, Coursera, Bunker Hill Community College, edX, NYU, GWSON, Microsoft, Alphabeta, Amazon Web Services, Chronicle of Higher Eucation, University of Adelaide, George Mason, Trinity Education Group.

Microsoft, McGraw-Hill Education, Alphabeta and IBL Studios sponsored the event.

The Symposium generated a discussion online thorough #openedxunis.




Videos of the talks and discussions coming from the streaming signal are featured in this URL. A professionally produced version will be available in the coming days at iblstudios.com/news/ and openedxuniversities.org.

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