Bitnami's Open edX Image: For Small Scale Deployments

EdX explained this week that Bitnami’s powered Open edX image is “based on a simplified version of the Open edX Birch release” and it is oriented “for those users interested in trying out their first Open edX deployment, for evaluation or small scale usage”.

This pre-configured image lacks the CodeJail feature, which comes installed by default in any Open edX image. “Additional work will be needed to get CodeJail up and running on your Bitnami instance, writes this week Sarina Canelake, an edX engineer, on the Open edX community portal.

“The Open edX package, powered by Bitnami, provides a basic version of the Open edX platform that, with just one click (and acceptance of license terms), installs easily on AWS, and supports Internet scale deployments that can host thousands of courses for hundreds of thousands of learners,” was written on a press-release issued on June 25.

As edX states,installing and setting up the Open edX platform on your own is not an easy process. While over a hundred organizations have set up their own Open edX instances, there has been a longstanding need to make the Open edX technology stack accessible by individuals and institutions with less technical expertise. The ability to get up and running quickly will help smaller groups utilize the Open edX technology, and give larger institutions an easy way to evaluate the technology”.