Appsembler Launches a Free 30-Day Trial on its "Tahoe" SaaS EdX Platform

Appsembler, an Open edX provider based in Somerville, Massachusetts, has launched a free 30-day trial on its SaaS platform branded as Tahoe. This platform allows to automatically launch an Open edX site and launch courses.

“We wanted a solution that made it quicker and more affordable for people to get started on Open edX. And we wanted a solution that lowered barriers to entry, and empowered people to tap into the power of Open edX to deliver online learning,” explained Nate Aune, creator of the solution and CEO at Appsembler.

Tahoe features a signup wizard to choose your domain name, upload your company logos and colors and choose between a number of styles and fonts. There is also a themes gallery (see images and explanatory video above) and a visual theming editor, page editor and content manager, and a user management tool.

After the trial period, users need to transition into a paid plan, which will be determined with Appsembler’s sales team. Pricing has not been disclosed on the website.