Apple Didn’t Pay OpenAI Anything for Using the GPT-4o Model

IBL News | New York

Apple didn’t pay OpenAI anything for using the GPT-4o model to power tasks on iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, according to a Bloomberg report.

Apple seems to have persuaded OpenAI to work for exposure, as the San Francisco-based research lab exposes its technology to hundreds of millions of users.

Following this deal, Siri will use ChatGPT capabilities to summarize articles, find photos, or use writing and proofreading tools. Users will only pay more ($20 a month) if they choose a Plus account to access extra perks. In this scenario, Apple will get a commission.

Apple is also reportedly in talks with Google to offer Gemini integration to iOS users later this year. Anthropic might offer its Claude AI chatbot as another option.