Anthropic Released the Next Generation Claude 3 Model Family

IBL News | New York

San Francisco-based Anthropic announced this week three new AI models, each offering different levels of capability, speed, and cost: Claude 3 Haiku, Claude 3 Sonnet, and Claude 3 Opus.

The Claude 3 family of models offers a 200K context window, with the ability to handle as high as 1 million.

They are available to use in the chatbot and through the Claude API.

The company said that its most advanced model Opus outperformed their rivals — namely GPT-4 and Gemini Ultra — on most of the common evaluation benchmarks for AI systems, “including undergraduate-level expert knowledge (MMLU), graduate-level expert reasoning (GPQA), basic mathematics (GSM8K), and more.”

“It exhibits near-human levels of comprehension and fluency on complex tasks, leading the frontier of general intelligence,” said Anthropic. [See graphic below.]

“The Claude 3 models can power live customer chats, auto-completions, and data extraction tasks where responses must be immediate and in real-time.”

“Haiku is the fastest and most cost-effective model on the market for its intelligence category. It can read an information and data-dense research paper on arXiv (~10k tokens) with charts and graphs in less than three seconds.”

Anthropic has become one of OpenAI’s most formidable competitors. It was formed in 2021 by former employees of OpenAI, including Daniela Amodei and her brother Dario, who serves as its chief executive officer. Most of its customers are businesses, ranging from search engine DuckDuckGo to travel guide publisher Lonely Planet.