Anthropic Introduced an Upgraded Version of Its Conversational AI Assistant

IBL News | New York

Anthropic released this month Claude 2.1, an upgraded version of its conversational AI assistant, which powers the chat experience. It improves its pricing and includes improvements in areas like context length, accuracy, and integration capabilities.

Claude 2.1 can now process up to 200,000 context tokens, equivalent to around 150,000 words or 500 pages of material. That’s twice as much as its previous token limit.

It means that users can now upload technical documentation like entire codebases, financial statements like S-1s, or even long literary works like The Iliad or The Odyssey.

“By being able to talk to large bodies of content or data, Claude can summarize, perform Q&A, forecast trends, and compare and contrast multiple documents,” said the company.

Anthropic stated that Claude 2.1 reduces significantly hallucinated statements and takes more contextual information, aiming to provide better summaries, question answering, trend forecasting, and other insights.

Claude 2.1 shows expanded interoperability for day-to-day business operations, although the tool use feature remains in early development. As a result, it might answer a question by querying a private database rather than guessing, translating natural language requests into API calls.

In other words, with this API tool, the model will decide which tool is required to achieve the task and execute an action on their behalf, such as:

  • Using a calculator for complex numerical reasoning
  • Translating natural language requests into structured API calls
  • Answering questions by searching databases or using a web search API
  • Taking simple actions in software via private APIs
  • Connecting to product datasets to make recommendations and help users complete purchases

The Claude 2.1 upgrade is already live for Anthropic’s hosted chatbot interface at and the paid Claude Pro API tier.

The 200,000 token context limit is exclusive to Pro users for now on its website, similarly priced to the (currently paused) ChatGPT Plus subscription at $20/month.

Perplexity Pro subscribers can also use Claude 2.1 by changing the model used in Settings. The platform is also offering two months for free for those who want to give it a try.

In addition to the new version of Claude 2.1, Anthropic introduced system prompts, which allow users to provide custom instructions and context in order to improve performance.

System prompts allow users to set goals, specify Claude’s persona or tone and take on specified personalities and roles, structure responses, establish rules and constraints, supply relevant background knowledge, and define standards for verifying outputs.

By prompting Claude in this way, users can shape more accurate, consistent responses that stay in character for role-playing and more reliably follow provided guidelines.

System prompts ultimately aim to enhance Claude’s capabilities for intended real-world applications. 

Founded in 2021, Anthropic develops AI assistant technology focused on safety, honesty, and control. It recently received an investment of $4 billion from Amazon to continue advancing AI with more capable models.