Amazon and DigitalOcean Attract Open EdX Developers


Open edX is designed to run on AWS and automatically scale.

But what is the business behind Amazon’s cloud service?

AWS is generating an annual revenue of about $6 billion, about ten times the revenue of its closest competitor in the public cloud market –Microsoft’s Azure, with $500 to $700 million.

That is what Karl Keirstead at Deutsche Bank estimates, according to Bloomberg Business Week.

Amazon’s cloud business (AWS) may be the fastest-growing corporate technology business of all of all time. Currently, it holds 28 percent of the worldwide market for cloud infrastructure services.

Unlike big hardware makers, Amazon built his success pitching a relatively cheap product to masses of developers rather than CIOs.

AWS is facing challenges from startups such as DigitalOcean in New York, which is used also by many Open edX developers. Its best-seller is a server that coders can have access to for $10 a month.

With nine data centers around the world, DigitalOcean has become the third largest hosting company in the world, after raising almost $100 million in funding.