Adobe Launches an AI Assistant for PDF Documents

IBL News | San Diego

Adobe introduced this week an AI assistant in beta in Reader and Acrobat, which instantly generates summaries and insights from long PDF documents. It also recommends and answers questions based on a PDF’s content through an intuitive conversational interface.

The AI assistant generates citations with the source, and as an output, it formats the information for sharing in emails, reports, and presentations. Clickable links help quickly find information in long documents.

This feature will be sold through a new add-on subscription plan when AI Assistant is out of beta.

“Our AI Assistant is bringing generative AI to the masses, unlocking new value from the information inside the approximately 3 trillion PDFs in the world,” stated Adobe.

This assistant leverages the same AI and machine learning models behind Acrobat Liquid Mode, the technology that supports responsive reading experiences for PDFs on mobile.

PDF was invented by Adobe thirty years ago Adobe, and today remains the standard for reading, editing, and transforming PDFs.

Currently, the new AI Assistant features are available in beta for Acrobat Standard and Pro Individual and Teams subscription plans on desktop and web in English, with features coming to Reader desktop customers in English over the next few weeks – all at no additional cost. Other languages will follow. A private beta is available for enterprise customers.

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