A Patch Release for Open edX-Based "Birch" that Administrators Must Install Urgently to Make YouTube Videos Display

EdX announced today Birch.1, the first patch for the Open edX “Birch” named release.

This patch allows to switch from the deprecated version 2 of YouTube Data API to version 3, in order to make YouTube videos display.

Before applying this fix, administrators of Birch-based Open edX platforms will need to sign up for an API key from YouTube and put that key into their installation. This is the documentation site for this process.

Open edX administrators running versions prior to Birch –which was released in March 2015– will be forced to upgrade to the Cypress version, which is expected by the end of this week. EdX is no longer supporting Aspen, the first named version, released in October 2014.

“EdX is providing this patch in order to assist people currently running Birch in production, but we recommend that everyone migrate to Cypress when it comes out”, explained David Baumgold, edX engineer.

In addition, the Birch.1 patch addresses a security vulnerability involving a malicious course import as well as other smaller changes.

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