A Lot of Content on SCORM? Well, There Is a Way to Export It to Open edX

Open edX doesn’t natively support the SCORM standard, and the developers’ community has been analyzing solutions without any clear outcomes for months.

Now there is a way to add existing SCORM-based content to Open edX, although not in the cleanest way because of the lack of an Xblock or a code integration. In addition, it might require some fixes to the edX code.

Nate Aune, founder of Appsembler.com, has described and suggested a solution by using a third party service called SCORM Cloud. This company wraps content that can be embedded into Open edX as an LTI component. For 3,000 registered students the price is $1,000/month.

Here is a detailed guide on how to add SCORM packages to Open edX.